Third phase of schooting schedule of the Jharkhandi film-‘Sonchand’-is set to begin on October 25.

Sonchand,conceived,planned and directed by a band of talents from Jharkhand-Vandana Tete and Ranjeet Oraon-is based on a theme depicting real-life struggles of a woman athlete from Jharkhand.

“We have many sport girls like Sonchand in many villages of Jharkhand. They are young, vivacious and talented. Their villages know they are special. But outside their homes, they have to struggle long and hard.This is what we are out to show”,Tete said.

Oraon and Tete are producing the film under the banner of and is producing,Bir Buru Ompay Media and Entertainment.


The shooting is slated to be held at Lodambeda village under Burmu block in Ranchi district.”The artists and the team members are going to start coming to Lodambeda on October 24 and the shooting will start on October 25”,said Oraon,who claims to be a graduate from Indian Film Institute,Pune. In the past,the shooting was scheduled to be held at Arki village.

“The film is being made with the support of the tribal community”,said Tete adding that though Lodambeda is a small village,it is ‘very beautiful’.She said:”We expect that apart from the people of the village,the district administration and the police will provide support to our work”,said Tete.

Since the film Sonchand is based on the tribal athletes,a number of actors from Jharkhand were provided roles.Its technical team comprises experts from Ranchi and Mumbai,said Tete.

The film Sonchand is likely to be released next year on the popular tribal festival Sarhul.

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