Whether you know or not,the Dhak Dhak beauty and her hubby are set to shift their base from the US to India.After Madhuri tweeted that she is returning to India,her fan Pappu Sardar was in cheers.In her tweet Madhuri had tweeted that her hubby has a lot of opportunities in India and that he was in talks with top hospitals in India.

But the buzz in the corridors of Bollywood is that the relationship between Madhuri and her husband Sriram Nene was no longer cordial.Though the couple has neither confirmed or denied it,the fact is they were returning to India.

While their home coming makes a good news,no body wished the couple to separate.“Oh God Please ensure that does not happen”,said a fan Pappu Mian.

In any case,Madhuri , who got married to Denver based cardiovascular surgeon Sriram Nene,was one of the reining starlets of Bollywood.She is expected to return to India in October.

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