The Section 118 of the Himachal Pradesh Land Tenancy and Reforms Act,which among other things protects the agricultural land of farmers,allows outsiders to set up industries and power projects,build tourism infrastructure or anything else that contributes to development of this state.But this section was used to favour whomever it deemed fit.So perhaps after Priyanka Gandhi was allowed to purchase 4.5 bighas for horticulture and residential purpose,a villa came up.But before it was near completion,an architectural flaw was detected.Priyanka approached the Dhumal government of the BJP,for purchase of another plot of 1.5 Bigha adjacent to her first plot.Now when she owns more than an acre of land,most non Himachalis,who were not allowed more than 500 square metres,are fuming.But Dhumal in an interview to a magazine,defended his government’s move saying it is a “matter of pride” that she wants to have a house in HP.Gr8 politics indeed!


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