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With an aim to contain crime, Jharkhand police should adopt the Pune police model.

The model is based on a belief that the establishment of communication between the police and citizens is necessary. In Pune, to create a better link between the police and the people, the police have assigned mobile phones with dedicated phone numbers to senior police officials.

In fact, mobile phones have been assigned to five Zonal Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCPs), 10 Divisional Assistant commissioners of Police (ACPs), who are in charge of the 10 divisions, and 30 Police Inspectors, who are in charge of police stations in Pune of Maharashtra.

"Zonal DCPs, divisional ACPs, and senior police inspectors, who are in charge of police stations, are officials with whom citizens, complainants and victims communicate on a regular basis," Sunil Deshmukh, ACP (campaigns) told media persons in Pune.

The prime objective behind distributing these mobile handsets, with dedicated numbers, is to improve the link  between people and the cops and address grievances in a quick and objective manner.

Against this backdrop, a retired police officer from Jharkhand said; 'This Pune model is simple. It should be adopted by the police in our state to empower people and contain crime."  


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