Lake View hospital in Ranchi today is just another postal address. It is under lock and key. There are no doctors and nurses, no patients undergoing treatment there.

Gone is the excitement of "owners".They were from Jharkhand capital city. They were always busy to get patients and government doctors ( involved in private practice) of the RIMS hospital located adjacent to it.

Cut back to March 31. It was like road blockade due to parked cars and ambulances and an SUV of Deputy Development Commissioner( Retired) D. Z. Ansari. Doctors and nurses lined up to treat him as a patient of 'brain hemorrhage' problem since April 1 when he was admitted there.

DDC was investigated in the nearby Advance Diagnostic Centre and Ram Payari Hospital before airlifted to a hospital in Delhi.

But when the dead body of this retired DDC landed in Ranchi with a medical report from Medanta that Ansari had tested COVID-19 positive before his death, Lake View hospital was locked and his flat located at Madhumati Apartment was sealed.

However, none of the Lake View hospital's nurses, staff and visiting RMCH doctors who did private practice were identified. Neither any one of them quarantined.

In fact, most of these RIMS doctors and para paramedics roam freely between RIMS and Lake View with the high potentiality to spread COVID -19 in RIMS where Bihar Ex-CM Lalu Prasad Yadav was being shifted from one Ward to another Ward for his safety.

" This is a very serious shortcoming of the state administration. It has failed to identify the persons with whom Ansari had come face to face before his death", said a senior RIMS doctor preferring not to be named.

A positive response has come from one of these RIMS doctors who do not want to be named had volunteered for testing and undergoing quarantine. One surgery Professor not to be named has volunteered for testing and quarantine.

Notably, South Korea had checked the spread of the COVID-19 virus. How? By ruthlessly implementing widespread testing of the potential carriers.

If the state administration does not follow this successful method, Jharkhand and its people will suffer from untold miseries and casualties of COVID 19.


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