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Suntanu Mahto has a bank account showing rise in his income from Rs 1,70,000 in 2016 to Rs 2.59,300 in 2017(Till November 1).His income had increased due to increase in agriculture production caused by shift from chemical to organic farming,it is learnt.

"The production of organic farm fields has been helping me earn more.These days every body wants vegetables grown in organic farm.With high demand and supply of vegetables cultivated in organic farm of ours,we have gained a lot",smiles Mahto,a farmer in Itki block in Ranchi district of Jharkhand.

Mahto told www.jharkhandstatenews.com that one of the best ways to get rid of expensive fertilizers is to mix the cow dung,cow urine,neem leaves,karanj leaves and calotropis leaves in an earthen pot and leave it to decompose for seven days."With hardly any expenditure involved, it works as well as any expensive fertilizer and you save on the pesticides too," says Mahto.

Since his income has increased,his two neighbours-Sunimal and Regnu -have started following his organic method to cultivate vegetables and sell them in the weekly haat bazar only to be transported and sold in markets of Bhubneshwar and Kolkata.

These farmers say that they were generating organic seeds too."The seeds of vegetables cultivated through expensive fertilizers were sold in the market.This prevented pure organic farming",said Mahto."Which is why we are trying to generate our own seeds."

These farmers claimed that cow urine is a better alternative to chemical fertilizers and can increase the farming productivity as much as by 4-5 times."The problem is cow urine was not available in the market.We are using urine of our own cows",he said.

Notably,after Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked Niti Aayog to hold discussion with experts in the field of organic farming,Indian Council of Agriculture Research got into action and told some of them to look into the possibility of converting cow urine into amino acid for use as natural fertilizer to increase farm productivity.Also,ICAR is learnt to have started studying if  cow urine can be used in organic farming.


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