With e-books becoming the latest trend in publication business, there has been a paradigm shift towards spreading the written word.In fact,this shift had left the humble pen to rest and goaded the finger to compose the word.In turn,this had left the Internet and commuter industry boom whereas the paper and traditional printing equipments were becoming useless by the day.

Since the beginning of the new decade,a large number of authors around the globe have been gradually turning towards creating e-books in order to reach a wider audience across the globe.The cost of production of an e-book is significantly less than a book that has been printed traditionally as the creation of an e-book does not require ink or paper and does not take up any inventory or storage space.

Due to these attributes of the e-book, it is basically a win-win situation for both the writer and the reader. The writer is able to price the book nominally and yet make a profit out of it. It is, therefore, also a viable method for generating passive income. For the reader, an e-book is acquirable at about a third of the price of printed books, takes up no physical space and gives on the freedom of going about with an entire e-library in a handbag.

New services that support the e-book platform are coming up on a fairly regular basis with the likes of Amazon, B&N, Smashwords and Kobo dominating the market. These services also allow the writer to try out their entrepreneurial skills to promote and market their work and to establish a strong relationship and create a platform for interaction between the writer and their readers, both present and prospective.

As the ever changing world embraces new ideas and innovations with open arms, soon the e-book platform is going to be a war-ground with everyone trying to grab a piece of the spoils and hence being driven into a mad scramble for power and recognition.


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