Who looks after Persons with Disabilities in India? Many organisations including the Department of Empowerment, Government of India.

This was visible on Tuesday when the department organised - 30th May 2023- as World Multiple Sclerosis Day. 

The aim was to create awareness about Multiple Sclerosis among the masses. It mobilised institutions associated with it by conducting various events at more than 40 places across India.

JharkhandStateNews.com took note of it and gathered information suggesting this. The theme colour of MS Day was Orange. 

The result was that organisations dealing with MS lightened their building in orange colour. 

Also, an attempt was made to apprise people of the fact that though MS cannot be totally prevented, quitting smoking ( if applicable), maintaining a moderately heavy weight, and getting enough vitamin D through diet or Sun exposure could help reduce the risk to get brutally affected by it.

The following activities were organized across the country to observe World Multiple Sclerosis Day on 30th May 2023:-

1. Awareness Generation Programmes

2. Seminars & Workshops

3. Quiz Competitions, Poster making

4. TLM Kits Distribution

5. Webinar on the topic Self Advocacy and Government schemes & Benefits for Persons with Multiple sclerosis in association with MSSI.

6. National webinar on Multiple Sclerosis - Awareness & Sensitization

7. Door To Door physical screening camp

8. Webinar on the topic "Multiple Sclerosis & Importance of Comprehensive Care".

9. Webinar on Early Intervention in Schizophrenia- A Psychologist & Psychiatrist    Perspective.

10. Distribution of Aid and Assistive devices.

11. A skit about awareness of Multiple Sclerosis.


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