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With an increasing bent towards digital technologies, the world is not only getting simpler for the intended audience but it is also opening up new channels for the notorious minds, says a press release.

Within the digital parameters, chances of a possible breach of security have risen quite high. Even the coded information is not safe from the reach of professional and technically expert security offenders.

Recent incidences of cyber threats are doing rounds including Vawtrak Banking Trojan and the case of Chrysler’s in-car systems breach where a ‘Jeep on the highway’ was controlled and prompted the recall of 1.4 million vehicles.

There is a dire need for specific resolution barring any prohibited intrusion into the digitally stored data in varied electronic mediums.

A devoted homeland security firm, has successfully developed software called Malware Guard.

The IIT, Delhi incubated firm has developed this specific cyber security software solely for meeting the objectives of the important government and law enforcement bodies.

Malware Guard is an innovative and high utility product and can also act as a supplement security source to be conveniently used as an add-on to the regular antivirus installed in the system.

This will function like an additional layer of security, which is technologically much ahead in comparison to the normal security adopted.


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