*All images by UNICEF, India

UNICEF organized a five-day photography workshop for 20 child reporters from 15 government schools in Jamshedpur.

These schools were located in Boram, Patambda, Dhalbhumgarh, Chakulia, Ghorabandha and Bahragodha blocks of East Singhbhum.The five-day workshop beginning on 30 October ended on 3 November 2017.

The workshop provided adolescents with the tools to understand photography and to familiarize them with basic principles and techniques of photography.

Young people are a driving force for change. UNICEF’s Young Reporters programme aims to increase awareness among adolescents and young people about child rights so that they can speak out and mobilize their communities to act. The ultimate aim is to change social attitudes and promote a culture of respect for children's rights.

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Giacomo Pirozzi has come on board as the master trainer for the photo workshop. He is photographer of international repute with over 27 years of experience working in over 140 countries. He says, “Photography is a powerful medium for the adolescents to participate and narrate their stories through visuals. It is not limited by the barriers of any language or geography. In particular, the 20 child reporters will be capacitated to map changes in their lives and communities through their images.”

Moira Dawa, Communication Officer says, “The photographs taken by the children will feature in the Child Reporters annual newsletter, a children’s day special booklet and on UNICEF’s social media platforms. A local photographer will be engaged to handhold and support the adolescents who have participated in the workshop in the long run to continue utilizing and upgrading their photography skills through refresher courses.”

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Child Reporter Asha Rani (12 years) from the Kasturibai Jai Hind Girl’s Middle School, Narsinghgarh in Dhalbhumgarh said, “I feel very happy and proud to be a part of this training. I have taken lots of photos these past days which I will show to my parents. When I will go home I will take lots of photos of my parents, friends and neighbours and show it to them. I have also made many friends in the past two days of the training. I will remember this experience all my life.”

Child Reporter Santosh Singh Sardar (11 years) from the Macha Middle School, Patamda said, “I have learnt a lot about photography in this training workshop. When I go home I will teach my parents and friends so they too can take my photos. Giacomo bhaiya (brother in Hindi) has taught us many tips to take good photos. I will use and remember these when I will take photos. I am having so much fun with my new friends that I wish the workshop lasted more than five days.”

UNICEF has provided all children with cameras and will continue to engage with these children for the next few years.

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