As the temperature has dipped, the sale of woolen wear has increased at the Tibetan woolen market, benefiting Tibetan families in Dhanbad, Jamshedpur and Ranchi.

Every year they come from far-flung Himalayan areas to these cities to open the Tibetan market to sell woolen clothes. The scene is no different this time except the fact that they were accompanied by a veteran lady-Chhirod Chhotan,wife of Ex-MP Chhewad Tasi.

Chhotan has come to Bermo to sell woolens. They had come to do business during October 2019-February 2019 under the name of Lhasa Tibetan Market in Dhanbad.


Dhanbad is Jharkhand's coal capital. It has proved to be a supermarket for these Tibetans whose business has flourished compared in other states due to fall in temperature-4-5 degree.

Chhirod put up her stalls in Dhanbad ahead of winters, selling latest designs of woolen clothes at reasonable rates. In India, these stalls are put up in different states including UP, Bihar, Delhi and Jharkhand including Ranchi.

In fact, the oldest Tibetan business hub in the Dhanbad, Tibetans have completed around 45 years.

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