ROCK & ROPE ADVENTURES club took ‘5’ enthusiast employees of CCL (Central Coalfield Limited) for Adventurous Monsoon Trekking covering 20km of vast wilderness amazingly beautiful valley in Pithoria- Patratu area. They completed both parts of trekking whose one part they did last month.

First Phase, Saturday, July 11, 12 km trek
The team started TREKKING near Rahra Bridge (3km from Pithoria) and went across river. The flow of river made many waterfalls in whole path. As the flow was high so they had to make new routes by entering dense forest and not crossing river like they did last time. At last they crossed river very safely after the 900 turn of river where flow and depth was bit less. They walked narrow lanes and even made new paths, traversed 750-800 (degree) rock wall, climbed 800 (degree) 150ft hill of soil and flora using technique used in landslides. They trekked even at night and reached destination Patratu at 9pm. At the end they got 1 village and in between they got 3-4 villagers.

Night Stay, Camping,
They self cooked and camped at night near Pithoria Bridge. The locals of hotels helped them a lot in getting water, area to cook and camp, etc.

Second Phase, Sunday,July 12, 8 km trek

They got up early, enjoyed bathing in river and after breakfast started for trek at 8am. This time they got bridge so they easily crossed river and went up the hills. The locals helped them in getting right paths across vast valleys. They tough terrain, steep climb up and down made it challenging. The Dam, hills and valleys were amazingly beautiful. In route they crossed beautiful meadows, valleys, 2-3 small villages (thanking and praising them), etc. They reached destination near Rahra Bridge at 1:30pm.

Everyone carried atleast 4L water and few eatables and whistle.
After successfully completing ROCK & ROPE ADVENTURES congratulated CCL members and they thanked ROCK & ROPE ADVENTURES and asked them to conduct more events like these.

CCL members said that they learnt a lot like how to cross jungle, river, valleys and few Survival skills, Trekking manners, Camping manners, etc. Never Give Up spirit boosted in them and fear of jungle, night trek, dense forest, high flow river and people we don’t know is no more in them.

They left no trace behind except footprints and it was amazing to see no plastic in villages. They understood the importance of Forest in our ecosystem.

The 7 members of the team are Ravi Raj (Leader, Indian Mountaineer and IMF member), Khushwant Singh (Indian Rock Climber) and 5 employees of CCL namely Santosh Kumar Sinha, Santonu Hazarika, Gaurav Kumar, Sashi Singh and Ravi Goyal.

Amazingly Beautiful Valleys, river, meadows, etc and vast biodiversity gave experience of lower Himalayas. Completion of this trek route is like a milestone for Jharkhand adventure sports.

Jharkhand has huge potential of adventure and allied sports. It’s a good initiative by ‘ROCK & ROPE ADVENTURES’ whose main objective is to establish Jharkhand on the map of adventure sports and adventure tourism and to train Disaster Response and Survival Skills to everyone so they can be Life Savers and not Victims in Disasters.

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