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Department of Higher Education (DHE), Department of Human Resource Development (DHRD) of Jharkhand Government and the Wadhwani Foundations have announced a strategic partnership which aims at providing skills integrated Secondary & Higher Education through Community Colleges and B.Voc. Program in Jharkhand, says a press release.

Key areas of this collaboration include successful introduction of skills integrated in secondary education from class 9th to 12thand skills integration in higher education which will facilitate improved employability of students, development of policies and systems for regular review of all the program components and processes, increased adoption of the program by leveraging technology, development of institutional mechanisms and capacity building within the university and its affiliated institutions, and encouragement program for more colleges to adopt and offer courses under Community College scheme, B.Voc. Program and DDU- KAUSHAL Program.

“The main of this project is to link work with education, create relationship between general education and vocational education, enhance knowledge and skills, encourage flexibility in education and increase skills availability for industry”, said DHRD Secretary Aradhana Patnaik.


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