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Political Parties & Transparency.On this subject a workshop was organised  by National Election Watch(NEW)-Jharkhand & ADR, New Delhi on Tuesday at Press Club, Ranchi.

The programme was addressed by Jagdeep Chhokar(founder ADR), Sudhir Pal(State head, NEW), Ranjit Garodiya(president, Chamber of commerce , Jharkhand.

As it is,Electoral Bond was launched by the Narendra Modi government (Finance department) on January2.As per its objective,Electoral Bonds are kind of promissory notes that can be bought by any Indian citizen or body incorporated in India to make a donation to a political party, but the donner’s name will be withheld. 

ADR’s recent study report says that more than 80% source of funding of political parties are unknown.

In fact,National Election Watch (NEW) is a nationwide campaign comprising more than 1200 NGOs and other citizen led organizations working together on electoral reforms, improving democracy and governance in India.

Association for Democratic Reform (ADR) is a national institution who campaigns nationwide to enables voters to know about the candidates contesting from their constituency and other electoral process information to establish transparent governance.

The workshop laid focus on following points:

•Electoral Bond, Political parties & Transparency
•Electoral Bond: Establish Accountability to Democracy , in Political Party’s View
•CSO’s perspective on Electoral Bond

The workshop was attended by members of CSOs, political parties, students of Rural development&political science(RU)


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