With Rahul Gandhi’s appointment as Congress party’s Vice President,who is set to be Number 2 in the party,the Congressmen in Jharkhand,where the President’s rule was imposed on Saturday,are vying with each other to congratulate him.

Though no body knows where their heart and mind meet,they shared two things in common.One,none of these Congress leaders were elected representatives.Two,all of them hanker to get their names printed in their congratulatory messages.

In public,they were dubbed as chamchas of the party leadership who survived and flourished by greasing the palms.

The prominent among them were Sanjit Singh,Shailesh Sinha and Dhirendra Sahu.All of them had their names mentioned in their congratulatory words.

Sample their statements:

  • “He(Rahul Gandhi)is the country’s top youth leader.Under his leadership,the party will set new records in the electoral arena in 2014”,said Singh,a member.
  • He(Rahul Gandhi)has done commendable work in bringing the youth in forefront of the party.In the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls,the party will come up with good results”,said Shailesh Sinha,party’s state unit president and spokesperson.
  • He(Rahul Gandhi)will galvanise youth and strengthen the party”,said Dheeraj Sahu,Congress’s Rajya Sabha MP.

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