*Picture shows Harivansh Narayan Singh who had not only excelled in journalism but also in the Rajya Sabha as its Member and Deputy Chairman.

“I thank all those who expressed confidence and voted for me. I will continue to do my duty sincerely and honestly”, said Harivansh Narayan Singh who was popularly elected as Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha for the second term.

Harivansh, who had excelled in journalism and gained high ground on the floor of the Rajya Sabha as its Member and Deputy Chairman, has thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his heartfelt support and good wishes. 

In fact, Prime Minister Modi had congratulated Harivansh for getting elected as Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha for the second term saying he had successfully performed his duty during his first term.

“Now our Rajya Sabha’s  Hari( neutral)will be for all, no discrimination, no favour for the ruling - opposition camp”, said the PM on the floor of the Parliament after Harivansh was declared elected on Monday.

PM Modi said that the empire  remains tense more than players.”Harivanshji had completed his term and performed his job successfully. His two years of service is evidence proving it. He remained seated for many hours“ (at a go), said the PM.

The election for the prestigious post of the Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman was contested by Harivansh of the JD-U, backed by NDA and the RJD’s candidate Manoj Jha. Harivansh won it. 

As per the law, the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha presides over the proceedings of the Rajya Sabha in the absence of the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. The Deputy Chairman is elected internally by the RS Members.

After his first election for the same post, his term had ended in April 2020. Prior to this, he was elected as RS Member of the NDA in 2018. In August month of the same year, he was elected as RS Deputy Chairman. That time, the NDA lacked a majority in the Rajya Sabha. Yet Harivansh won it by securing 125 votes against only 105 gained by the Congress’ BK Hari Prasad.

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