Ban on liquor consumption.CBI inquiry into development works carried out by the government for development of Adivasis in Scheduled areas.

These are among a set of 17 demands planned to be raised in the third Jharkhand Adivasi Mahasabha at Mardhan high school in Tamar block in Ranchi district on February 21.

The Mahasabha will hand over a memorandum to Governor Syed Ahmad demanding to meet these demands.

Backed by the Congress party this Mahasabha is expected to be a big gathering of Adivasis from West Bengal,Orissa,Chattisgarh and Jharkhand and it is slated to be addressed by the Congress leader and Union Minister Jai Ram Ramesh,its MP Pradeep Balmuchu and ex Deputy CM Stephen Marandi.

The exercise was aimed at gaining support of Adivasis ahead of the Lok Sabha and the Assembly polls in 2014.

Mahasabha’s coordinator Radha Krishna Munda and its patron Anand Murari were busy mobilizing the Adivasis.The adivasis were suffering due to alcoholism and the need was to put a complete ban on its consumption,said Munda.’In the scheduled areas,more than Rs 25,000 crores were spent for the development of the Adivasis.A vast sum of this huge fund was bungled.It must be probed into by the CI”,says Murari.


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