Arvind Kejriwal is again a subject of widespread criticism.In the past he, who quit civil service and joined politics launching movement against corruption, was allegedly grilled by the CBI on liquor scam.

Now, Kejriwal, Chief Minister, is alleged to have got interior of his official residence decked up and made clear in the design of the kitchen such that it is cozy in all seasons of the year.

And all at home decor cost of over Rs 45 crore spent spent by the tax payers money.” Before coming to power,I recall Kejriwal promising not to spent government funds on luxury and cars. This is past. Today, he has sunk himself deep in corruption showing his real dual -face”, said an IAS(R) officer.

The BJP is not quiet.It has alleged  that expenditure of such a big sum was a pointer to the ideological "renovation" of the AAP founder who claimed to promote honesty and simplicity when he entered politics, PTI reports.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra  is on record slamming the Aam Aadmi Party leader as a "maharaj".

Patra went on to say that  even kings will bow before Kejriwal for his choice of "superior" products in the residence and his "lust for luxury and comfort", according to PTI report.

“He also alleged that Kejriwal offered Rs 20 crore to Rs 50 crore to media houses to not highlight the story but news channels and newspapers ignored the offer.”


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