Faced with the possibility that the BJP is not inclined to field him as its candidate in the forthcoming General election from Hazaribagh, Jayant has sought to take exile from politics. 

In 2019, Sinha was elected from the Hazaribagh Lok Sabha constituency. However, he was not found to be actively working to perform pro- people role as MP in his constituency Hazaribagh, a survey carried by the saffron party indicated, it is learnt. 

As per his background, in the US, Jayant Sinha was better known for his “upper-class social circle” and his capacity to make money for blue-chip companies.  

Back in Hazaribagh and New Delhi, he has been fighting to be known as more than just the son of former finance minister Yashwant Sinha; and someone who has parachuted to step into his father’s shoes. 

However, ahead of the general elections, if the BJP takes any step to corner and expel Jayant Sinha this would be portrayed as revenge and might cost BJP in the elections. Therefore, it would be worthwhile to make him announce himself of his political exile. This is what appears to have happened.

Notably, the BJP has also been bruised below by his father Yashwant Sinha who had time and again pounced on it. No matter why Yashwant Sinha [age 80] was considered an outdated coin. There are a few aggrieved souls in the BJP as well. 

Political observers think that this  “frustrated soul” might help Sinha and ultimately might cost BJP a few seats, which BJP cannot afford at this juncture.  

If Yashwant Sinha continues to act the same way and Modi gets reelected, that could be the end of Yashwant Sinha as well as Jayant Sinha. 

A few corruption cases might be lodged against Jayant Sinha which might dampen his political career, it is rumoured.


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