The thirsty land and it’s people,
wait for thy downpour.
Leaves and branches tired of drooping down,
now wait to drench their souls.

The elixir for survival,
now we understand is so divine.
‘Cus when it was abundant
it’s importance was not realized.

Thy enigma is unbelievable,
thy anger intolerable.
Quench our thirst by your divinity,
and fill the world with your long `etude melody.

Theism is our religion,
thou are great and we know won’t hurt the scion.
Wishing for humanity’s pristine happiness,
we thy children request forgiveness.

Let the drops fall on our faces,
We now work for mother earth’s savior.
Let us live for years and not leave traces,
We’re committed to take all possible measure.

Thy greatness is renowned,
thy heart profound.
Forgive us lord,we shall improve the situation here below,
and let after the rains the warm sun glow

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