Even as the top brass of the Congress and the JMM were busy weaving a new coalition government led by Hemant Soren as chief minister,astrologers were divided on its prospect in Jharkhand.

However three astrologers JharkhandStateNews.com talked to shared a common opinion that political come backs are not unusual in Jharkhand politics since this state was born under the shadow of Saturn and Rahu at zero hours on November 15,2000.

“But right now the horoscope of both Shibu Sorenji and Hemant Sorenji was not favourable to bring about any stable prosperity in their environment.Saturn is likely to cause family feud”,said Sita Ram Pandit,Pujari of Hanuman Mandir Doranda,Ranchi.

But one good thing is that Jupiter is keeping Gurulike vigil on Rupi Soren,mother of Hemantji.This can help avert possible feud between his family,his brother Basant and his late brother Durga Soren’s wife Sita”,said Ram Avtar Mishra,an astrologer.

“It is possible that under the influence of Saturn,Sorens may get energized or compelled by circumstances to break the alliance with the Congress before the next Lok Sabha elections in 2014.

In case they stuck to the alliance with the Congress led by Madam Sonia Gandhiji whose future looks very bright in the next two years,it is possible,they may get rewarded electorally”,said Brahmanand Rishi,another astrologer.


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“The horoscope of the moment that Soren may be announced CM of Jharkhand carries the kernel of this transformative energy. The leadership Sun was opposed to the planet of powerbrokers – Pluto – also the planet of mining.Hemant may prove to be headache for his rivals within the party and outside”,said Rishi.

“The Sun was also in square to the surprise packet planet of sudden change in Uranus. It was sudden and swift. The Sun also squared limiting Saturn. The whole horoscope of Hemant formed a critical Grand Cross, arguably the most potently challenging aspect pattern in astrology.Sooner than later,he and his family may have to confront those whom he thinks were his allies today ”

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