In this rainy season,when festivals are on-Ramadan for the Muslims and Shravani Mela for the Hindus-the prices of tomato,onion and many other vegetables are sky rocketing,leaving the consumers suffer untold miseries.

On Sunday,tomato prices touched Rs 35 a kg at the wholesale Daily Market in Ranchi and crossed Rs 40 limit in other retail shops.

Though there was no dearth of supply,what worries the wholesalers most is the rate quoted by suppliers from Pune and Mumbai.On August 3, the wholesalers from Mumbai supplied onion at the rate of Rs 35 compelling the retailers to sale them at Rs 40 a kg.

Even seasonal vegetables,especially mushroom grown in forests(jungle) was selling at Rs 300 a kg in Ranchi.This however had not blocked its  sale.”This jungle mushroom is a rare thing not available any where in Metros.So I prefer to buy it and rellish it no matter what the price”,said a consumer.


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