Ask Google to show you the most expensive bed in the world and the opens with a page showing one crazy bed that cost US $ 210,000.This turns out be nearly Rs one crore.

”We have all come into contact with some piece of furniture that was so expensive it made our mouths hang open, and it seems that the same applies to beds. We are all about fun here at Original buzz and in this interesting article; we are not going to look at modern tv units with insane prices…( but) Parnian furniture bed (with a price tag of)-$210,000.

“Furniture designer Abdolhay Parnian took two years to create this bed and upon seeing the final product, it’s obvious why. What makes the bed so interesting is the intricately designed headboard that has been expertly crafted out of expensive wood. Apart from the striking headboard, it has a host of technological features such as an  ipod holder and charging station which is an intriguing contrast between the rustic wood and the technological offering”,states the same site.


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