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Aviva Life Insurance, one of India’s leading insurance companies, has launched the ‘Child Financial Planners League’ (CFPL), a unique and dedicated team of advisors for Aviva’s child and child-linked insurance products. The launch comes after a unique national survey by Aviva India, aimed to gauge the gap between parents’ aspirations for their child’s education and their financial preparedness for it.

The survey was targeted at answering a big question: ‘While parents support their children’s dreams, are they really prepared for it?’ The survey revealed an acute lack of financial knowledge amongst most parents on planning for the future of their children’s education plans.According to the survey, a large number of parents, though saving for their child’s future, are worryingly unprepared to take care of the rising cost of education. And most have not even thought about how to secure their child’s education, if they are not around to support them in the future due to an unforeseen circumstance.

Aviva’s Child Plans have been specially designed to meet these needs, and are imperative for parents to ensure they are financially prepared for all future milestones in their child’s educational journey. The select set of advisors in Aviva’s CFPL have been trained specifically to take care of parents planning to secure their child’s big plans, and their knowledge and scope of work goes beyond Aviva’s Child Plans. They are equipped with digitized sales aids and special skill sets to help parents address all their concerns regarding their child’s future.

Speaking on the launch, Rishi Piparaiya, Director, Marketing and Direct Sales, Aviva Life Insurance, said, “Children have big dreams and Aviva, as an organization, has always been committed to helping them realize their dreams, whether through our products or other opportunities. Our research revealed that young Indians have great ambitions and parents are not always financially prepared for them. CFPL is one such initiative in this direction, of sensitizing parents about the importance of being financially prepared for their child’s future.”


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