The trend of clicking a ‘selfie’ is now being used as a forerunner of social change.

For the first time,students under the banner of Wake Up India Foundation has taken up the challenge of sending kids to school by urging people to take selfies.This change is taking place in Ranchi.

The campaign “Selfie4Education” urges youths to click a picture of themselves and post it on social networking sites such as Twitter, and Facebook using the hashtag #Selfie4education.

Initiated by Wake Up India Foundation, supported by Gurukul Foundation of Education and Research & Lords’ Publishing House, the campaign promises to approach a family to send their kids to school for every 20 selfie received

“The campaign is aimed to create awareness about the deteriorating condition of education in India and at the same highlight the technological gap by roping in the ‘selfie generation’,” said Suyash H Varma, Founder President, Wake Up India Foundation.

The campaign attempts to make youths realise that while they are fortunate enough to take selfies and post it online, many other do not have access to technology and their educational facilities are restricted.

The Gurukul Foundation of Education and Research which is associated with the initiative, runs schools in rural areas of Bihar. The campaign will be simaltenously conducted across various chapters of the Wake Up India Foundation.

Contact Person:

Lakshita Sapra, People Engagement Manager – 09953677889

Atisyompa, Youth Outreach Coordinator – 07544888618

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