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In an article carried by Akron Beacon Journal, an Ohio woman named Valerie Spruill of Doylestown has claimed that she knew about her husband’s identity six years after he died in 1998.

New York Daily News quoted her saying that she wanted to know the world about her realization as “an inspirational story.”Spruill is God fearing woman.“If I’ve come through this, anyone can come through anything through the help of the Lord,” she added.

She is reported to have said that her parents began to court each other when her father- Percy Spruill was 15,she was raised by her grandmother when she was 3-months-old.

“At the age of nine she found out many secrets, one of which was that her father was actually her grandfather, and she realized that a woman who said she was a family friend actually was her mother.

In 2004,she went for a DNA test, which confirmed that her late husband was her father.She asserted that she is not sure whether Percy was aware of the extent of their relationship, though she believes he was aware and was simply too afraid to confess.”

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