Aging.Stress.Sleepness.All these can be contained by three letter word-sex,according to Dr. Ana C. Krieger and Dr. Gail Saltz.

At the 30th Annual Women’s Health Symposium hosted by NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical,Krieger and Saltz,who had studied the ailments of people,presented their findings.

These findings were as follows:

1.Sex is beneficial for the body as it is a great form of exercise that enhances bonding with your partner, fights aging, reduces your stress and allows you to sleep better.


2.Sexual problems might lead to stress, but healthy sex can alleviate stress.

3.Carve out time to wind down for a few minutes before sleep, while there should be no work allowed in the bedroom, which is only for sleeping and sex.

4.Secret to sleep is a combination of three main ingredients – timing, duration and quality.

5.Turn off TVs and Smartphones before bedtime and during sleep, and avoiding light exposure, even from electronic devices.

6.Consider relaxation training, better time management and problem solving, to manage stress in a better way.

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