More than 29 students took part in debate-discussion programme organised jointly by Medical Health Advisory and Rottery Club Ranchi(Central) in Ranchi today.

The discussion centred around the topic -whether it is appropriate to provide information about the dreaded disease-Cancer- to the patient.

The participating students talked about the cause of cancer,its form,effect and so on.The debate took place inside St Kuldip School in Harmu Colony.

In the competition,the student of the school was declared successful.In favour of the subject,Nisha Kumari,Khusbu Kumari and Sobhya Toppo got the first,second and third prize respectively.

Nivedita Sharma of the Rotary Club Ranchi handed over the certificate and the cup to the winners.Addressing the participants on the occasion,Sharma talked about the significance of washing hand in day today life.

Prior to this,Medical Advisory Council Secretary Dr Anil Sinha welcomed the participants and its Vice President SK Mishra offered a bouguet of flowers to the school Principal.The judge of the event was senior officer Ratan Kumar Gupta and Teacher Rahud Deo.The programme was coordinated by Bhaskar.


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