Reacting to the story-“YOU CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO THE INDIAN ECONOMY”,carried by on its Saturday edtion,four readers have vehemently opposed its contention and opined that its message is misleading and against the interest of consumers.

The story under the title “Be An Indian”exhorts people to strengthen the Indian economy by buying India made products.

”Most of these products lack quality.For example,a India made Margo soap or babool tooth paste can not be compared with Pears and Colgate.Why should I buy inferior products when I have the choice to purchase better quality products in the market”,asked Sahay,a lawyer.

Three othrs readers –Sandip Mishra,a graduate student,Sunita Singh,a doctor and Pradeep Biswas,a teacher,have in common argued that the Indian economy can not be strengthened by following swadeshi being propagated by Baba Ramdev.

”This is like promoting mediocrity at the cost of merit”,said Mishra echoing the sentiments of Singh and Biswas.Singh points out that every body in India should learn from China where entrepreneurs were using technology to produce world class products to compete in the global market.

“As long as our entrepreneurs fail to come up with quality products they can neither grow nor help India march ahead”,said Bswas.”By exploiting tri colour and national sentiments to promote Swadeshi products,they can only harm India and its people.To give boost to the economy,every body must pressurize the government to cut subsidy and non- plan expenditure.”

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