Hundreds of students of DPS,Ranchi today celebrated Earth Day.

As it is,the Earth day is dedicated for the mother earth facing crisis of existence.The day was used to showcase classroom environmental education, highlighting efforts to green the school facility and engage the whole community in making a difference.

Some of the activities undertaken inside the school campus were – street plays on planet earth made the children aware of saving the earth from global warming.

To make children understand the importance to save our earth,a rally was organised. Students were seen walking around with banners like – ‘Keep your surrounding clean’, ‘Make Earth Green’, ‘Love Earth – Love Life’, ‘Plant trees Stop Global warming’.


Some students were found giving useful tips to the children on how to save earth by using slogans like –

‘Put three ‘R’ into practice – Reduce, reuse, Recycle’, ‘Turn off the lights when not in use’, ‘Save water as each drop counts’, ‘Take stairs – healthier for you, kinder for your planet’.

Speaking on the occasion Principal, Dr. Ram Singh said ‘The Earth Day celebration offers opportunities to teach about the issue and make a tangible environmental impact. He said,‘Together we can make everyday Earth Day and each one of us in the school can make a difference’.

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