Monsoons bring enough with them. For some, Monsoons may mean hot cup of coffee and snacks in the cool atmosphere, for some it may ring melodies, others might find this weather romantic and for some they are just rains, or more like a changed season! But Claudia Ciesla finds it the most spellbinding weather.The German model is basking in the Mumbai Monsoons. “I love the rains…” she says, “and in India, with rains, the atmosphere becomes very pleasant. I was just wondering if I’d be lucky enough to catch the sight of a rainbow here.

The fast paced hectic life of Mumbai which never slows down though turns more pretty with the arrival of the rains yet it is equally tough, she feels. “But when it’s pouring heavily, and there is a hustle-bustle amongst to public to get to their destination, well the sight of colorful umbrellas filling the streets is mesmerizing!”

People might crib about the rains, the dirt and the murk but rains are a must, she feels. “I simply love the rains, which is also a great time to sip some herbal tea or cuddle up in bed. I feel everybody should enjoy the rains while the season is on!” she says.

When the rain god showers his love upon us, why not soak ourselves into it?

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