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Whether it is morning or evening, eateries are packed with people belonging to the minority community-Muslims.

These eateries in Ranchi and other cities and blocks in Jharkhand provide them early morning (‘sehri’) and evening meals (‘iftaar’) before and after the fast (‘roza’).

During the past two days,these eateries in areas like Karbala Chowk,Main Road,Hindpiri and Dhurwa prepared and sold variety of dishes, including ‘chana’, ‘pakoda’, potato and egg cutlet, bread ‘pakoda’, onion and brinjal fries,basarti’, fruit salad, for devotees to break their fast in the evening.

"We keep waiting for this holy month of the festive season when we are open  24X7 to serve those who live alone in the city,” Shakil Ahmad, the staff of a small hotel on Main Road, said and added mostly boys and girls living in hostels came to eat food at the hotel during Ramzan.

Sah Zameer, another restaurant owner, said, “I start preparing ‘sehri’ from 2 am so that the food gets prepared on time. I make sure the ingredients used in the process are pure and healthy. Items made of milk like ‘shaahi tukda’, ‘doodh lacchha’ and ‘sewai’ are popular among customers as they make them feel energetic for the rest of the day.”

While some devotees are trying to eat healthy items by consuming food cooked at home, those staying away in rented flats and slums are finding it difficult to look for healthy food options to break their fast.

Jubli Shah, a graduate of a Ranchi based college, said “I am glad these eateries and dhabas are open 24x7 during the month of Ramzan. Since our hostel canteen does not provide hygienic food, We find these eateries and dhabas for having a proper meal during iftaar",said Ah’. 

According to Anam Ahsan, a dentist by profession, “My patients are my first priority. I break the fast with a ‘khajoor’ (date) and some water and take my meal once I reach home.”

Imbest Imam, a working mother, said that he always eat simple food to keep energy as much as possible told TOI, “I keep my food simple and conserve energy as much as possible. As my family members and wife help each other, it is easier for us to manage everything at home.”


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