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Food bank for emergency needs of the starving poor people. This scheme under the title Khadya Akasmik Nidhi is planned to be set up in Jharkhand.

To begin with, this food bank is expected to be set up at each of the 283 panchayats in Palamu, a Maoist hit district. This scheme was made public by Palamau Deputy Commissioner Shantanu Kumar Agrahari.

This emergency food bank is planned to keep Rs 10,000. The Mukhiya was empowered with the prime task to keep a watch and offer service. The Mukhiya will have to see that no family under his /her panchayat suffers from hunger.

In case, the Mukhiya comes across a case of hunger, he has to serve the victim- he/she- by bailing him out. This can be made possible by providing him/his family food under Khadya Akasmik Nidhi, said Agrahari.

“It is a SoS fund to beat hunger. It has to be used for the neediest person. It is not a freebie.  The aim and purpose behind setting up this fund are to take out such a family which finds itself in the mire of hunger for reasons beyond its control,” reiterated DC.

Already QAC ( Quick Action Committee) was set up at each of the 21 blocks in Palamau, each was headed by BDO and assisted by CO.“ QAC will rush to mitigate the sufferings arising out of hunger,” said the innovative DC Agrahari.

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