Sanjoly Matanhelia

Sluggish,monotonous,slack,gutless.These were the words used for woman in the days gone by.Today,they are known as active,vibrant and confident.This change ofcourse is nothing to do with time.In fact,eventhough identity of the fair sex dwells in the dominant attitude of the time,a relevant question is: why there are two sets of attitudes for male and female?While you may have your own answer,one prescription for both of them can be :“Hold your head high and keep moving”.

Tanishq’s Director Geetika Agarwal has her own take.”Take life positively”,she said adding:”As journey of life is a means and not an end in itself,it has to be taken as sunshine in daily life.I took my life this way and now I am known for my own personality.”

In any case,in the scale of time,life is short.Hence,every body must use its every moment productively and happily.Ofcourse,there is a need to cherish whatever you gain or lose and in the process,dream big and make every effort to make it come true.

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