These products were being sold by the state administration inside the green park complex of the Deputy Commissioner's office in Ranchi.

The move was part of the Hemant Soren government's move to keep people sanitized at a time when the state administration was executing lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in Jharkhand where not a single Coronavirus positive case was registered till March 24, 2020.

However, to help people sanitize themselves, the Ranchi district administration had put up the 'Sales Centre' there. Run by a couple of the state government staff, the Centre sold sanitizer and mask at Rs 10 each. 

To buy it,a long queue stood under the shade of trees. A poster was put up under a tree. The sanitizer was made by a homeopathy company.' We are happy to have bought sanitizer and mask at low cost', said a staff who stood in a long queue of over 200 staff and officers. 

Even at SBI ATM Counter near Ranchi DC's office, a security guard allowed entry and use of it by a customer only after his/her palm and fingers were sanitized.' We had never witnessed this kind of behaviour of the guard', said a customer.

Another change was noticeable at the state government-run RIMS Hospital in Ranchi where Coronavirus testing device and machines were installed."It became functional today(Tuesday), said reputed Surgeon Dr R.S. Das.

Earlier, Coronavirus testing center was located in Jamshedpur based MGMCH.'This was the need of the hour', added Dr Das.

However, no isolation ward worth its name exists in the state. Worse, the state health department had not provided Coronavirus  - Free uniform to doctors and nurses. Neither they were trained to treat and diagnose Coronavirus hit patients. 

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