If He is considered as the incarnate and resurrected savior,Parampujya Bhagwan Purnanand Sarswati is God.He,who took Maha Samadhi on April 9,1974,continues to end problems and fulfill wishes of his followers till date.His Samadhi Sthal,7 km from Ranchi,is located near the busy Ranchi-Ratu road.

My mother late Kishori Devi was one of His ardent followers.During her interaction with him,I had seen him.He was frail,electrifying,wore unstiched cloth,read English newspapers,walked briskly,sat in meditation inside a cave of his Ashram,cured illness of his followers,provided relief to many followers who flocked around him.Many Adivasi and Dalit families ,who had no body to approach for redressal of their grievances,had benifited from him.

Many of them visit and derive spritual strength from the Ashram,cave and the Samadhi Sthal,popularly known as Kamre Baba Ashram, on a regular basis.Ask any one of them about Him,and pat comes the reply:”His Shakti(energy)is still palpable.”Visit the Stahl to feel so and realize the bliss.

To say this is not to make people turn superstitious.This is only to submit that as a messanger of God,he derived immence spiritual power and used it to cure diseases of his followers.My mother who suffered from an incurable disease was cured by him.

While He was alive,he got gifts and donations.But,instead of using them on himself,He utilized the sum and set up Ashram and a school for the kids of these unprivileged sections of the society.Hundreds of students were educated in this residential school.

As it is,both the Ashram and the school,now run by the government,are a living testimony of his Divine Existence.I am motivated to begin the chapter of the www.jharkhandstateNews.com by saluting Him.


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