Top institutions like IITs have started recognising the progressive technical skills of the children studying in the CM schools of excellence in Jharkhand.

Impressed by the technical and vocational training that the children of these schools are getting, leading educational institutions like IIT-ISM, Dhanbad are also coming forward to invest in the technical creations developed by the children. 

The children studying in the School of Excellence are not only being given education of an excellent standard, but professional or technical skills are also being developed in them. 

The children of District CM School of Excellence, Dhanbad have also made such technical inventions, which are also being appreciated by the experts of IIT-ISM, Dhanbad. 

Not only this, these children have also showcased their talent by presenting their technical creations in national level programs like National Automotive Olympiad. 

Seeing the talent of these children, TEXMiN, the manufacturing center of IIT, Dhanbad, is providing assistance up to the level of patenting and increasing the production of their creations. 


*Ayush created 'Smart Street System' to develop future road system* Ayush Tiwari, a student of 11th class at District CM School of excellence, Dhanbad, has designed a smart street system to develop the road system of the future. 

Ayush has acquired vocational skills in automotive, helped by his school's vocational trainer Abhishek Sharma. Ayush developed the smart street system in the school lab itself and presented it to TEXMiN, the manufacturing center of IIT Dhanbad. 

While explaining his model to the researchers of TEXMiN, Ayush explained its functioning and benefits of its use in future. IIT highly appreciated the Smart Street System model of ayush and laid emphasis on increasing its production. 

Ayush is now working more deeply and diligently on his model with the help of TEXMiN. 

*Rahul developed the ‘Engine Locking System' to avoid vehicle accidents* 

Rahul Kumar, a student of 11th class of District CM School of excellence, Dhanbad, has developed the model of 'Engine Locking System' to prevent vehicle accidents through the vocational education received in school. 

Apart from this, Rahul has also developed the ‘Alcohol Sensing Alert' system. Rahul has been studying vocational education for the last three years. For his model, Rahul has also received the first prize in the district level science exhibition organized at the District Institute of Educational Training.

More,Rahul also passed the Olympiad competition organized by the Automotive Skill Development Council in his district at the school level. Rahul got the opportunity to present his model at the manufacturing center TEXMiN on behalf of IIT Dhanbad, where the researchers of TEXMiN appreciated Rahul's creation and expressed their desire to invest in it. 

Rahul has explained in his model that 'Alcohol Sensing Alert with Engine Locking System' will help in preventing drink and drive incidents. If a person tries to drive a vehicle after drinking alcohol, this alcohol sensing device will lock the vehicle and inform any of his family members about the current status of the vehicle.

*Continuous efforts are being made to develop professional and technical skills in children* 

Vocational trainer of the school, Abhishek Sharma says that children always have a desire to learn something, keeping this in mind, high standard labs have been built in the school by the state government. 

Where school children are learning something new with the help of modern equipment. Seeing their inclination towards technical skills, every possible help is being given to such children to further develop their talent. Their thoughts and creations are being given a platform through various efforts, which is inspiring. 

*What is TEXMiN?* 

TEXMiN is a technology innovation hub established at IIT-ISM, Dhanbad, under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS) mission by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Its objective is to develop CPS (Cyber-Physical System) based technologies and promote translational research in exploration and mining. 

It promotes high-level research base, human resource development (HRD) and skill-sets in emerging areas. TEXMiN provides core competencies, capacity building and training to promote innovation and start-up ecosystem. 

With leading knowledge, capabilities and facilities, TEXMiN promotes research innovation, world-class technology and product development. It provides a reliable platform for developing industrial technology and products and for technology based start-ups as well as entrepreneurs

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