“I wish that my last rites be conducted in Digha.And after my death keep my name as Jai Ram Ramesh Munda”.

By making this statement in Digha village inside Saranda forest in West Singhbhum district on the Republic Day,Union Rural Development Minister Jai Ram Ramesh has evoked a sharp response from the BJP in Jharkhand.

“If he was venting his heart,I think,he should be truthful to the people of Saranda.Since former chief minister Madhu Koda hailed from the area and his wife Geeta still represents Jaganathpur constituency in Saranda,he should keep his name as Jai Ram Ramesh Koda”,said BJP’s ex MLA Saryu Rai.’More over,Madhu Koda was backed by the Congress.”

Ramesh had been shuttling between Delhi and Saranda via Ranchi for quite some time.In fact,after the security set up camp and claimed to have flushed out the Maoists from there two years ago,he was instrumental in conceiving and implementing Saranda Development Plan.

Under the plan,a number of development schemes connected with road,electricity,scholarship,old age pension,distribution of solar lamps and cycles was under taken.

Also,Ramesh unfurled the tri colour at Digha on January 26.”All these are fine”,said the BJP’s state unit president Dineshanand Goswami said.”But he should not forget that his party(Congress)which had ruled the country for decades since Independfence, was responsible for the backwardness of Saranda and why the Maoists built their headquarter there.Now,when they became a threat to every body,it woke up.And Rameshji started his drama,giving emotional vives.”

Goswami alleged that his party had indulged in a conspiracy and used the JMM to topple the Arjun Munda government.”This has become crystal clear from the manner in which the Congress party and Ramesh have been working”,said Goswami.


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