Jharkhand is in the process of building its new capital in its own way.Though no body knows about its shape and size,the project is called ‘core capital.’The plan of this core capital comprising the state .

Assembly,Secretariat,High Court,residences of judges and staff of the High Court,government and semi government offices and residences of the top functionaries,was approved by the Arjun Munda government.

All these are to be built on the un -used land(2324.4 acres)of the Heavy Engineering Corporation,a PSU –in Durva near the ranchi airport.While the title of the land was already transferred to the state’s revenue department,a vast area measuring more than 300 acres was lying under enchroachment.

As per the plan,the High Court and the residences of judges and its staff,were to be constructed on 82 and 83 acres of land respectively.The foundation stones of these structure are slated to be laid by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Altamas Kabir on February 9.

However,there is no clue as to whether there was any plan to lay the foundation stone of other structures-Assembly(on 37 acres),Secretariat(on 57.8 acres),government and semi government offices(on 60.3 acres) and residences of the top functionaries(90.1 acres)-separately.


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