“There is a widespread criticism that the students are taught concepts and theories from the west that end up producing graduates who tend to be arrogant, self-centered and money-minded. We are setting up a center for INDIAN MANAGEMENT that would compile and collate local knowledge and develop a curriculum that puts greater thrust on humility, service and team-work.”This declaration by the IIM-Ranchi’s Director MJ Xavier echoes in the minds of all those who admire him as an able administrator.There is a reason behind it.On January 7,he received the AIMS International-The Association of Indian Management’s “outstanding B-school Director Award”.

Xavier has another ability-use celebrity to gain the spotlight.And so perhaps he invited celebrities such as Team India captain MS Dhoni on behalf of IIM-Ranchi,for an academic exercise-brain mapping.

Though Xavier is not known to have produced any magnum morpus on management sciences or had any expertise worth its name to do the brain mapping,he considered the innate abilities –such as reflex action and maintaining calm infront of challenge-of Dhoni as a subject of study useful for the management students.But Dhoni thought otherwise and did not accept his offer till date.

Now,Xavier had invited Dhoni to come to IIM-Ranchi and give ‘tips’to its students to face the interview. The team India captain has not responded so far.


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