Jharkhand’s first waterfall rappling cum exploration camp took place at Sita waterfalls near Argora in Ranchi.

The two day event took place on January 23 -24.

Report said that five expert mountaineers/adventurers/explorers of Rock and Rope Adventures went in these two day long waterfall rappling exploration camp in the vicinity exploration camp in the vicinity of picturesque Sita falls.

The experienced mountaineer of India Ravi Raj was the Leader.His message is:”If you love wilderness, then Jharkhand is a big playground.”

This is for the first time in Jharkhand Water Rappelling was successfully done from 200ft high Sita waterfall.

They cleaned the campsite (across woods of Sita fall), pitched tents and spent night.”The next day they took the mountainous path of 10 kms from Sita falls to Johna falls (through a 1000ft high hill) hence exploring a new trekking route (3 explored so far). In-route they cleaned the area, collected 20 litres in trekking route and after reaching back to Sita falls again they ran cleaning drive and in total cleaned and disposed 200 litres of garbage”,said a report mailed by the adventures.

In fact,it was organized by ROCK & ROPE ADVENTURES(Ranchi), the organization which took the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to the Himalayas with financial support from CCL, where they collected and disposed approximately 80 litres of garbage fromMt. Gangstang in September last year.

This group was successful in exploring and organisingtwo trekking camps in Pithoria last year and in December 2015 a rock climbing camp at Raniganj, West Bengal.


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