"If you want a healthy tree, nurture the roots.”

Based on this belief,the first phase of the e-Raksha seminar on basic tips and tricks about the use of Internet was conducted today by the Team CPF at Govt. Middle School, Jagannathpur, Dhurwa, Ranchi.

The Chief Guest on the occasion was Mini Rani Sharma (CTO, CID, Ranchi).The Guest Speakers were :V.K. Roy (Ex. GM HEC Ranchi,Ritesh Mishra,Kumar Vikram and Sneha Balan

As it is,the Principal Poonam Sahay, Govt. Middle School, Jagannathpur opened the ceremony by delivering a welcome speech.

During her speech Sharma guided the students about the Do’s and Don’ts on the use of Internet. She quoted, “Half Knowledge is dangerous”.

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Roy talked about the usefulness of computer and the transition of the physical identity to the virtual identity. He said that students should not be afraid of it because Cyber Space is nothing to fear but to explore with safety.

Ritesh Mishra (Technical Team Lead, CPF) pointed out about the ATM and cases of fraud linked with it s to the students. He suggested them not to share personal information on Whatsapp to unknowns.

Avinash Singh explained what is virus and how does it affect the phones, laptops and computers. He also mentioned the types of anti viruses being used to protect our computers. He discussed about the various security features of several social networking sites, mobile phones and laptops.

Sneha Balan ( Content Writer & Development Officer, CPF) moderated the event through different phases. She assured the students that the Govt. as well as NGOs like CPF can anytime be contacted if any one of them came across any cases of cyber crime.

Questions related to internet security were also raised before students at all phases and a quick reply from them was appreciated with a gift.

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