With an aim to boost adventure sports and love for mountain preservation,the Intellectual Federation of India activists today celebrated International Mountain Day in Ranchi.

As it is,the December 11 is celebrated across the World as International Mountain Day.The day was designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2003.It encouraged the international community to organise events at all levels on the day to highlight the importance of sustainable mountain development.

In fact,every year,different themes were attached with the event.Promoting mountain prodducts is the theme selected for this year’s celebration of International day.

Toward the same end,the Intellectual Federation of India’s Chairman.Kumar Lakhotia held a meeting and discussed the issue connected with the mountain.

The meeting headed by Lakhotia,was attended among others by Basav Raj Patil (MP-Karnataka),Thupstan chhewang (MP-Leh), Mr. Bharat Singh (MP-Balia-UP), Mr. Harvansh (MP-Bihar),Gopal Krishna Agrawal (National spokes person-BJP), and Chairman of CSR Research Foundation Deen Dayal Agrawal, .

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