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If the plan approved by the Jharkhand Civil Aviation Department takes off,the Kanwarias(devotees who offer sacred water over the Shiva Linga )will fly and do aerial parikarma(take rounds) of the Baidhnath temple in Deoghar during the month of Shravan(August-September),first of its kind initiative in India.

The department will make available to them a charter plane on Public-Private-Partnership basis.The cost of flying to do aerial parikarma(rounds) of the sacred Baidyanath Dham temple in ten minutes by a Kanwaria could be Rs 500.

The Department Secretary Sajal Chakravorty,who is the brain behind the move,has said that ticket counters will be opened in Deoghar.”Every day 300-400 Kanwarias can do aerial Parikarma of the Baidyanath Dham temple during Shravan”,he said.


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