JHARCRAFT has come up with a stall at Jharkhand Pavilion inside the on going International Trade Fair in New Delhi and kit was selling Tasar silk garments there.

“Nature has endowed us with immense things and therefore the natural products are considered valuable and in the interest of the community. This is the reason why we give importance to natural products. The stall of JHARCRAFT at the Jharkhand Pavilion at India International Trade Fair 2015   is based on Make in India”,said a report from JHARCRAFT.

In fact,JHARCRAFT,a state government run company considered synonymous with production of organic silk in the world,is famous for producing Tasar silk garments globally.

“No chemicals have been used in their production.The entire production process from making thread from Cocoon to making cloth from thread is in consonance with the natural parameter. The colors used in the products are obtained from flowers, tealeaves, cinnamon etc. The printing on the stuffs also reflect the tradition of Jharkhand.The images connected with the regional culture and festivals feature predominantly. This year Jharcraft introduces some more form of sarees work i.e Kantha, Azrak and Digital Print”,said the report of JHARCRAFT.

JHARCRAFT Regional Manager Manoj Mahto said that the stall is offering some discount on its products. “Important items include Stoll, dupattas, bamboo items, woolen jacket, cotton shirts etc. Woolen items have been introduced for the first time in the stall.The main attraction of the stall this time is various types of tribal jewelry”,he said.

As it is,JHARCRAFT’s main exporting nations include Germany, Neither Land, Sweden, U.S, Denmark, U.K etc.Its total sale is currently 80 crores .


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