All water bodies in Jharkhand were  packed with devotees,their relatives and friend.The devotees offered Aaradh(prayers) to the setting Sun God to mark the Chhath festival.

As part of the annual festival-Chhath Puja-they had gathered to offer prayers to the Sun God.Many of them were shopping for Chhath Puja at make shift shops in Ranchi on Tuesday.

On Wednesday morning,they have to offer prayer to the rising Sun to mark the end of four -day festival.

As the Chhath festival was an ancient and popular tradition,connected with the worship of the Sun God,the Jharkhand government has declared public holiday today on the occasion of Chhath,a festival popular in eastern India,esspecially Bihar,Jharkhand and Utter Pradesh.


Ranchi, Jharkhand 16 November 2015 :: People shopping for Chhath Puja at a temporary market in Ranchi on Monday. Photo-Ratan Lal

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