*Representational Picture Courtesy-i.imgur.com. Inset picture courtesy Dainik Bhaskar, showing injured 26-year old tribal Sukhlal Tanti who slammed wild bears only to s survive

Bears are known as Godless killing machines.They occupy a unique place in the animal kingdom when it comes to this nonsense, because they have been forced to box and wrestle humans.

Since they’re basically the mixed martial artists of the unwarranted inter species combat world,humans often get defeated.But in Kuli Todang village under Chakradharpur block in West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand,28th state of India,a tribal man managed to drive them away and survived.

Sukhlal Tanti,26-year old,was attacked by a group of three bears on Saturday.He did not lose patience.Instead he confronted them and fought with them for nearly half and hour.At the end,the bears had to run away.

However,during the fight,he suffered from serious injuries.He was diagnosed at Chakradharpur Primary Health Centre.From there he was admitted at Sadar Hospital in Chaibasa,headquarter of West Singhbhum district where he was treated successfully.

Now,when he was out of danger,he spoke to media persons and recalled his fight with three bears.Here  is the mind boggling story based on his  statements recorded by Dainik Bhaskar,a leading Hindi newspaper,which broke this story.

"I was going to Sabjee Bagan(Vegetable Garden),nearly 150 metres away from my house.While I had covered some distance,I heard sound of whispering.As I turned my head,I saw three bears coming towards me.

Before I could understand anything,one of these bears hit me on my left jaw.By then,two other bears had come close to me.I thought if I don't do any thing,survival is not possible.I started boxing him.I did not let him gain stability.By using all energy and force,I kept boxing him with both my hands.Due to this bear fell on the ground.As a result,all three bears started running away.

I heaved a shy of relief,but within minutes all three started to return towards me.One bear used teeth and bit me.I was reeling beneath shock and pain.To save my life,I started raining punches on the bear.In between I kept yelling and shouting.Again I caught one bear and slammed him on the ground.

While my fight with bears continued,the villagers who had heard me yelling came with my brother.Soon,bears fled.My village is surrounded by forests.Often,wild animals come face to face.But never in the past any one of them had attacked on any one of us.Had I not shown confidence and strength,I would have met with death."

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