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Living in a thickly wooded area with thin human habitation has its own reward.So is green environment in urban area.Reason?

The trees invite large flocks of arboreal friends.Each of them are in different models.Some are shy or belligerent, others gregarious.Still others are few in number and are mischievous,each varying in  size, shape and colour of plumage –giving humans a pleasant association to cherish for.One of them is  Jharkhand State Bird-Koel.  

Koel is one popular bird in forests and hills of this state.This lovely creature turns active during the monsoon when they burst into a lilting chorus full throttle,each time using their sound and throat optimally.Song serves them better as this mode carries the voice far and wide to declare territorial dominance, calling their mate or threatening their rivals.

Tonal quality of sound denotes the inherent strength and features of this unique bird. During the breeding season, male bird exhibits heightened pugnacity.Testosterone is its action at accelerated speed since the time is short for them,it seems.

For nature lovers, the magical moment commences at the wee hour when the sun is still far below the horizon, scattering faint penumbral light in the eastern sky.In this rare lucid moment, a musical soiree takes place in the wood lands. The phantom figures of birds are barely discernable in the dark branches of silhouette of trees. Then suddenly a liquid Shahanai like call, one of the earliest voices to be heard at pre dawn, start first with a low sounding- Kuooo.


Slowly and steadly,their sound gains strength-forces many to get up.Some others like me come out in the open for a walk. Angle will scarcely fear to tread in this unearthly hour. Successive calls by Koel always  rise in scale and attain feverish pitch, signaling other birds to join in the ensuing chorus. Blue Robin responds lustily with sweet melodies and so does black drango, full of enthusiasm and energy, emanating harsh to sweetening flute like tune.

Mynah, bulbul and others participate jubilantly. Sound of Bulbul is honey drop – very pleasant and set in a pattern. Mynah bugles musical whistle punctured with its characteristics chattering, creaky voice. The orchestra presented by the birds is harmoniously tuned as an organized concert. As the sun comes up and morning takes light, the sound of birds’ music go down.Even Koel does the same welcoming the sun god,it seems.

In any case,during the wee hours,I roamed about in gardens and roadsides inside Ashok Nagar in Ranchi for over a fortnight to hear the magical sound of Koel.And as such I not only recorded their heroic presence.While I did this,I saw,heard and  retained an ethereal world of music,but also to make a suggestion to all my friends-rise and shine,spend an hour or so in the pre sun rise time inside any green belt to spot the beauty of Koel only to gain the realm of perpetual beauty, love and happiness.

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