*Representational Picture showing protest causing traffic jam at Albert Ekka chowk in Ranchi.

 A small group of 10-15 people stand at Albert Ekka Chowk, the city center in Ranchi,carrying bill boards.Then they burn the effigy and shout slogans as media persons take photographs while the traffic gets paralyzed.

This has been an old problem causing untold miseries to people in the capital city of Jharkhand. While the protesters benefit by getting coverage in the media,no protest was organised to ban this menace.

Not the least,acute congestion at busy arteries, poor conditions of roads,vendors selling goods along the busy Main Road and buses making designated halts have led to widespread resentment among commuters.

In fact,all roads leading to important places like airport, railway station, bus terminus, government offices and even reputed hospitals and nursing homes remain choked most of the time due to haphazardly parked vehicles, sudden U-turns by auto-rickshaw drivers,mo bikers and encroachment by hawkers.

If commuters are heading to the railway station or the airport, they have to count on their lucky stars to make it well in time." I have missed my train to Yeswanthpur from Hatia station. But today (Tuesday), I left home at 3pm, which is two-and-a-half-hours ahead of the scheduled time at 5.30pm," said Anjali Kumar, resident of Bariatu.

As it is managing traffic on busy Main Road has always been a challenge for police.Even the Jharkhand High Court has,on many occasions,pulled up the traffic police and directed it to maintain guidelines.Yet,the problem continues.

Now,the problem is likely to intensify with the Ranchi Municipal Corporation sponsored mega market complex coming up on the sprawling Jaipal Singh stadium,less than 250 meters away from Albert Ekka chowk.The G+4  market plans to have 500 shops,15 office spaces,a banquet hall,elevators and double storied basement parking.

The aim behind this market complex is to accommodate vendors and free Main road from them.Right now,nearly 1000 vendors run their shops on this super busy Main road.Since the new market being built can adjust merely 500 of them,the rest will remain free to set up their shops where they do now.In any case,their number increases every day.

The RMC Deputy Mayor said that a similar marketing complex is planned to be constructed at Naga Baba Khatal where more than 1500 vendors sell vegetables and allied products.This means these plans of the RMC are not going to free the busy roads from vendors.

Moreover,since the traffic management has not set up a ground for the agitators, the protesters who want easy publicity,will continue to hold protest at Albert Ekka Chowk causing traffic jam.


1.The state government should make use of acres of land where the Ranchi University Vice Chancellor's office complex was located near Albert Ekka Chowk by building an underground parking system with a park on top where a green garden can be maintained and protesters allowed to hold protest.This can ease traffic and help police to manage it. 

2.Make use of intelligent sub-systems like sensors,CCTVs, VIDs and so on on busy roads and vehicles to provide traffic advise on various aspects like current and future average speeds,delays,incidents,congestion,roadwork,etc.  

3.Ban holding protest and procession on Main Road including Albert Ekka Chowk in Ranchi.

4.Ban movement of vehicles-rickshaw,auto and four wheeler with business and trade materials on all roads during 9 am to 9 pm.


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