1.JRD Tata Sports Complex Football Ground(Left)in Jamshedpur and 2. State Govt of Jharkhand run Birsa Munda Football stadium(Right) in Ranchi

Contrast is too apparent to be missed.In the heart of Jharkhand state capital-Ranchi-lies the Birsa Munda Football Stadium.Owned by the state government,the stadium where Sports Authority of India(SAI) runs its centre for over 200 players and athletes reside and practice,the stadium is full of wild grass.

More,the surface is a pack of sand.When it rains,the players and athletes prefer to play and jog on the roads outside the stadium.This has been the scene despite a number of complaints lodged by sportspersons during the past three years.

Less than 180 kms from this stadium exists JRD Tata Sports Complex Football ground in Jamshedpur where a rare variety of Australian grass-ryegrass-keeps it green through out the year.Last week,sowing of ryegrass seeds imported from Australia had started afresh.

As per IMG Reliance suggestions,sand had been put on the rough patches before sowing seeds.Now,the stadium grass mown and maintained for a professional and aesthetic look.

Inside Birsa Munda stadium,the chairs meant for audiences have started cracking due to non maintenance.But at JRD Tata Sports complex Football ground,all chairs were clean and continue to be maintained on a regular basis.

The question is:why the state sports department has failed to maintain its football stadium?The answer is rooted in a variety of reasons-lack of plan,incompetent and corrupt officials.They preferred to spend money only to misappropriate it.They do not want to maintain it on public-private partnership mode too.

JRD Tata Sports complex Football ground was maintained by experts on a daily basis."The management kept an eye over the field.This was no so in the state government managed stadium where the state government department has left the stadium ground full of wild grass",said a footballer who resides inside the Birsa Munda football stadium.     


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